And the winner is...

Posted by Stitchblade | 5:23 PM Dec 23, 2007



A contest!!!

Posted by Stitchblade | 4:03 PM Dec 9, 2007

Yes a Christmas time even! You will win this:

Fight a clean fight against aging. Infused with Rejuvi-cell Repair Technology, and micro-spheres filled with skin-enhancing ingredients, ANEW's one-step cleanser and toner is the perfect way to fortify skin morning and night. 4.2 fl. oz.

Why will you win this? Because its been here for awhile and I'm not going to use is new though... is what you have to do. Visit my Etsy and look through my current and sold items and tell me what your favorite item is. Just leave a comment on this post telling me what I want to know. Also make sure I have a way to get a hold of you if you win by leaving an email or a link to your blog. Winner will be chosen randomly next Sunday.


Sparkly Angora!

Posted by Stitchblade | 3:18 PM

ohhh sparkling Angora longies......I need to dig out the rest of my cashmere and get crackalackin'!


Check out that Cashmere Bootie..........

Posted by Stitchblade | 4:04 PM Dec 4, 2007

My friend found this awesome cashmere sweater when we were at the thrift store recently. I turned them into some great longies. I think they turned out awesome. The legs are really cool because each one is a different pattern. They are soooo super soft. No way that I will sell these...She loves them way too much!


Emma's new longies!

Posted by Stitchblade | 9:03 PM Dec 3, 2007

LOVE THEM! They remind me of Mork and Mindy!


My models are on strike!!!

Posted by Stitchblade | 4:46 PM

I just finished this super cute dress and I need a model. I have plenty of girls in this house, but everyone is refusing!!! I can't list it til I get a modeled pic, but here it is....I think it would be cute over a long sleeve shirt and jeans.


Busy Busy Busy!!!

Posted by Stitchblade | 9:52 AM

I have been so super busy getting gifts and items sewn. I wanted to post a few of the pics of recent things. Some sold within minutes of making and some are still available. I also made a few things for my friend Darcy's shop as well. As always I am available for custom items so just get a hold of me. I will be posting again today. A nice little feature about a woman that I know. But for now here is a peek at whats been happening at my house....
OH Free shipping on TuTu's through the Holidays!


What a great gift....

Posted by Stitchblade | 10:40 AM Dec 1, 2007

Every little girl loves a tutu! Check it out...FREE SHIPPING on TUTUS from my shop through the Holiday shopping season! Custom slots available! Same or Next day at the latest shipping!