And the winner is...

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A contest!!!

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Yes a Christmas time even! You will win this:

Fight a clean fight against aging. Infused with Rejuvi-cell Repair Technology, and micro-spheres filled with skin-enhancing ingredients, ANEW's one-step cleanser and toner is the perfect way to fortify skin morning and night. 4.2 fl. oz.

Why will you win this? Because its been here for awhile and I'm not going to use is new though... is what you have to do. Visit my Etsy and look through my current and sold items and tell me what your favorite item is. Just leave a comment on this post telling me what I want to know. Also make sure I have a way to get a hold of you if you win by leaving an email or a link to your blog. Winner will be chosen randomly next Sunday.


Sparkly Angora!

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ohhh sparkling Angora longies......I need to dig out the rest of my cashmere and get crackalackin'!


Check out that Cashmere Bootie..........

Posted by Stitchblade | 4:04 PM Dec 4, 2007

My friend found this awesome cashmere sweater when we were at the thrift store recently. I turned them into some great longies. I think they turned out awesome. The legs are really cool because each one is a different pattern. They are soooo super soft. No way that I will sell these...She loves them way too much!


Emma's new longies!

Posted by Stitchblade | 9:03 PM Dec 3, 2007

LOVE THEM! They remind me of Mork and Mindy!


My models are on strike!!!

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I just finished this super cute dress and I need a model. I have plenty of girls in this house, but everyone is refusing!!! I can't list it til I get a modeled pic, but here it is....I think it would be cute over a long sleeve shirt and jeans.


Busy Busy Busy!!!

Posted by Stitchblade | 9:52 AM

I have been so super busy getting gifts and items sewn. I wanted to post a few of the pics of recent things. Some sold within minutes of making and some are still available. I also made a few things for my friend Darcy's shop as well. As always I am available for custom items so just get a hold of me. I will be posting again today. A nice little feature about a woman that I know. But for now here is a peek at whats been happening at my house....
OH Free shipping on TuTu's through the Holidays!


What a great gift....

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Every little girl loves a tutu! Check it out...FREE SHIPPING on TUTUS from my shop through the Holiday shopping season! Custom slots available! Same or Next day at the latest shipping!


More treasury plugging!

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This one features our tutu listing. Thanks so much to PHOEBE'S TREASURE for putting this nice treasury together. Click her name to check out her awesome shop! She has some amazing jewelry!


Treasury plug

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THANKS to ODannysGirl
Check out her shop, her travel bibs make great gifts!


Halloween Pictures

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Happy Halloween

Posted by Stitchblade | 7:12 PM Nov 1, 2007

I'm such a slacker lately! BUT I have excuse after excuse!!!
Anyhow here are some pics of Halloween. My batteries went dead so this is all I have til someone else sends me some more.

Ugh go figure...I tried twice to upload and there is an error. I will upload them later :)


For all of you moms

Posted by Stitchblade | 4:30 PM Sep 26, 2007

Push pause on my music player before clicking to view.....



Posted by Stitchblade | 10:29 AM Sep 24, 2007

Ok I have really skipped out on the blog here lately. I have an excuse (several in fact) though. First my washing machine died. I cloth diaper so I have been hand washing diapers like mad. Then I went back to work tattooing (after taking a few years off to have some babies), if you are in the DFW area come see me at my new job and get some fresh new ink! Contact me for details on that. THEN I was able to go out on Saturday. I mean REALLY go out. I was even able to have a few drinks and relax. I never get to go out and it was great. My husband (common law for those that want to be technical about it all) is in a Rock n Roll band and they played. It was awesome! Then yesterday my DRYER BROKE! What the hell! I bought the washer and dryer at the same time and they are less than 5 years old. Then they die within a few weeks of each other? Sounds like a conspiracy to me. So this week I HOPE to go get a set to replace. I think I am going to buy a used set because the older machines seem to last much longer than the new ones these days. I need to sew. I have signed up for a swap and everything has to be mailed on the 26th, today is the 24th. Nothing like waiting til the last minute to put your creativity to the test. I will get that done sometime today since tomorrow I have to work. What else has been keeping me busy??? OH we have been doing Bento. My oldest loves doing it with me. The little ones are eating things they would not normally eat. My oldest gets all kinds of comments from her school friends and teachers and loves that. There is a great seller on Etsy called Bento Baby and she makes some great bags to carry your bento boxes in. We got the Monkey and he is so darn cute. Be sure to check out her stuff!


Free coffee????

Posted by Stitchblade | 11:17 AM Sep 15, 2007

Sounds good to me...
Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample


Beth from Doodlebirds is to DYE for...............

Posted by Stitchblade | 10:25 AM Sep 11, 2007

This is Beth and she is such a rockin lady. I have been talking to her for a few years on the internet and she is so cool that I had to share her with y'all.......

Tell me about you and your family......
I am a Navy wife and mother to 4 kids. On top of that I am an artist.

What is your store name and link?
Doodlebirds Creations

What do you specialize in?
Hand dyed and hand made stuff. Mostly dyed yarn and fiber, but I will dye pretty much anything that will hold still. I sew, and have grand plans for some really cool bags and the like.

How did you get started?
Well I learned to sew when I was about 5. My grandma showed me how. When Doodlebirds Creations came to life, it was about 4 years ago. At that time I was sewing cloth diapers and other baby related items. I took some time off when we were going to have our 4th child. When I came back to start up again I decided I didn't really like sewing the diapers and baby stuff, but I did love dyeing things. I had been dyeing fabric for years, and I had played with the yarn some, so I jumped in with both feet and went with the fiber, and here we are now.

What do you love about your business?
I love that it is mine. I get to choose everything that that goes into my store. I can pick a higher end fiber or fabric and I know I won't be in trouble from someone who would be my boss for spending too much money on our base products. I belive in quality goods, and in order to sell quality goods, you have to start with them. Everything I sell is top of the line wonderful products. I love my work so much I want to keep it all. I love creating all the colors. It is like art. I have always loved art and color, and that is what this is for me.

What is your favorite product right now?
My favorite product right now is our Merino sock yarn. Is is soft and squoosy (is that even a word) and it takes the colors really well. I get the best colors with it! My other fave is (because I can have two if I want) is our brand new Merino single ply lace weight yarn. It is so very nice. I can't want to work with it. I will be making a shawl for myself out of it.

What makes your shop different?
I think what makes my shop different is my sense of style and color. I really like to use a wide variety of colors, fibers and other fun stuff, and they are ever changing. No two store stockings are the same. Also, what makes me different is that I carry a lot of different yarns. I'm not just a sock yarn girl. I carry lace, worsted weight yarns in all sorts of wools and blends and I am adding new ones all the time.

What do you love about handcrafts?
What's not to love? They are handcrafts. Doesn't that say it all? It is so totally awesome to get something someone made by hand. It is even better when you can then make something you love out of it, or use it in a way that makes it very useful.

What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create?
I have an etsy shop. (etsy rocks!)
Our shop blog-
And my blog- (the daily goings on and stuff for my life)

What are some of your favorite online shops?
I am all about supporting the indie dyers and crafters, so all of my faves are doing their own thing. the ladies behind Lime and Violet rock! They are funny and naughty and put out the best stuff! (and I know them for real!) She puts out great yummy stuff you should go buy. Because dudes can dye yarn too (and make some darn good stuff) (click on yarn pirate shop) Mrs. Yarn Pirate can dye up some mean yarn! I love it so much I am on the booty club. Not yarn, but some really cool needle holders so you don't loose you needles (or hooks) out of your socks or stab yourself like some of us tend to do. (please note, they really don't slow small children down while they are breaking your knitting or crochet)

Also if you stop on over and enter the code stitchblade at check out you will save 10% off your order.

Shop- enter it in the code box.
Etsy- enter it in the notes along with your paypal address and I will send you a revised invoice with your new total.

Look....Beth is so cool she can knit while standing!


So I got tagged....

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Jessica tagged me! She's always giving me some kind of funk, crazy broad! 7 Awesome things about me?

1. I make very pretty children with awesome outgoing crazy personalities!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

2. I have an awesome husband (common law..... if you want to get technical, they do that here in Texas), and he is an awesome dad.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3. I'm an artist in more ways than one.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

4. I'm a faithful and trustworthy friend. Those that I am friends with I love with all my heart.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

5. I can do pretty much anything that I try to do, there would be way too many pictures to post here...just take my word for it...I can do it all.

6. I have a big awesome house in the country..just check out that rad porch swing!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

7. I'm me...nothing more nothing less

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Now who shall I tag?????
If you're on this list..HAHA yer it!


Ohh another...

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Check out this fantastic treasury by Out Of The Blue! Thanks for featuring me!


Treasury plugs

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Thanks to LLING Designs! She has some AWESOME stuff!


BlueBerry Twizzler + Baby = Smurf Kid!

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She was absolutely covered with Blue by the time she had finished lunch! It was everywhere! Please ignore the mess in the background I was cutting fabric while the kiddos had lunch today. I finished a custom order today and wanted to post the pics for her to see, I threw in a little snappy pouch as an extra special bonus for ya!
One thing going on today is the Etsy Texas Crafters Street Team 1st Mondays sale! There are sooo many stores participating with such a wide variety of items and sales. I am running a Buy One Get One of equal or lesser value for 1/2 off. It goes through Midnight tonight. Here is the announcement with all the shop links:

Yes, it is time for another ETC First Monday event! And with 57 shops participating, this is our largest event yet!!!
All sales/special offers are only available for 24 hours -- 12:01 am through 12:00 midnight, Monday Central Time (that's 1:01 am Monday through 1:00 am Tuesday, Etsy Time!).This month's amazing sales & special offers include the following:

%-OFF SALES (discounts do not apply to shipping unless specified) = 10% off any Collection (for a total of at least 30% savings off the value of each collection), and 20% off all other items in shop = 25% off all items in shop = 40% off all items in shop, and as always, Free Shipping on all ART listings = 50% off all items in shop (does not apply to wholesale or custom orders) = 20% off all items in shop (except custom orders), plus Free Shipping for all purchases of $75 or more (after discount) = 15% off all items in shop, plus Free Domestic (US) Shipping = 20% off all purchases of $20 or more (excluding shipping), plus all customers receive "surprise" discount coupon for future purchases = All Supplies are...Buy 1 listing get 25% off, Buy 2 listings get 40% off, and Buy 3 or more and get 50% off (Discount taken off total purchase price, shipping not included); also, all items in my "BOGO SALE" section are Buy One, Get One Free. (Free item must be of equal or lesser value, and shipping is not included for free.) = 20% off all items in shop = 20% off all items in shop = 25% off all items in shop, plus receive a discount coupon for furture purchase = 25% off all items in shop = 15% off all items in shop = 25% off all items in shop = 20% off all items in shop, and as always, receive Free Gift with every purchase = 10% off all items in shop = 20% off all items in shop, plus all purchases over $20 (after discount) also receive a Free Notecard = 15% off all items in shop, and as always, Free Shipping for all purchases totalling more than $45 (after discount) = 15% off all items in shop

BOGO SALES (discounts taken on lower priced items) = Buy One, Get One Free on all prints (no other coupons may be used with this offer) = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy any 2 items, Get 3rd item Free = Buy One, Get One 50% off (even on Sale items!), plus Free Shipping for all purchases over $50 (after discount) = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off, plus Free Shipping for all purchases over $30 (after discount) = Buy One, Get One 50% off, and as always, Free Domestic (US & most APO's) Shipping = Buy Any item at regular price, Get One Clearance item 50% off, plus receive a $5 gift certificate that can be used on any future purchase of $25 or more (excluding shipping) = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One regular size pen, Get One mini pen or pencil of your choice Free = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off = Buy One, Get One 50% off, plus Free Shipping for all purchases over $25 (after discount) = Buy One, Get One 50% off (Standing Sunflowers paintings not eligible for discount) = Buy One, Get One 50% off (does not apply to custom orders), and as always, receive a Free surprise goodie with every shipment

FREE SHIPPING = Free Shipping on all earrings = Free Shipping on all purchases, plus each customer making a purchase during the First Monday sale will be entered into a drawing for a Free Gift (one gift will be given away after the First Monday event ends) = Free Shipping on all purchases = Free Shipping on all pendants = Free Shipping on all purchases = Free Shipping on all purchases = Free Shipping on all braceletes - Free Domestic (US) Shipping on all purchases, plus receive Free Gift with every purchase = Free Shipping on all Sale items = Buy 4 "Just Enough" packets, get Free Shipping, and as always, receive Free Gift with every purchase = Buy any 2 items, Get 3rd item Free

SALES SECTIONS/ITEMS IN SHOPS (No Need to Wait for Revised Invoices!) = all items in sale section marked $2 - $5 off regular price, plus receive $5 gift certificate with all purchases over $10 = special sale items throughout shop - just search for SALE when viewing her shop = all items in sale section marked 50% off regular price, plus receive Free Shipping on all clothing = all items in sale section marked 50% off regular price

OTHER SALES & SPECIAL OFFERS = Receive Free retro pendant with every purchase = $1 Shipping on all items in shop, and as always, Buy 3 soaps, get 4th soap Free = Receive Free Spadazzle Goodie Bag ($5 value) with any purchase of $15 or more, excluding shipping