Spiders and Bats and Webs...OH MY!

Posted by Stitchblade | 1:51 PM Aug 30, 2007

I just listed this cute little tote bag. Perfect for the kids and the adults as well. You could use it to throw some books in, use it to get your loot on Halloween, toys, whatever! Its covered in pumpkins, bats, spiders, and webs! It listed in my etsy now.


'Cuz I felt like it...shes awesome......

Posted by Stitchblade | 9:34 AM Aug 28, 2007


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is my bestest friend in the whole wide world. We have been friends for OVER a decade....I like saying that...decade. She rocks my world, and she can rock yours too! See the goodies above that she sent me in the mail? She makes all my clothing labels for me too! She hates doing it but she still does cause she rocks like that! Here is an interview with Jessica so you can get to know her better!

Tell me about you and your family......

I've been married for 12 years to a totally dreamy boy! I love his workin' man hands!
I have an almost 12 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. My kids draw some of the crazy creations I stitch up!

What is your store name and link?
'Cuz I Felt Like It!

What do you specialize in?
Awesome felt creations and everything else I felt like doin'! Catchy huh?
I make monsters, bears, barrettes, keychains, ornaments.....old kinds of stuff using felt. GOOD felt. I use only wool felt or plush felt which can be a bit expensive, but the difference is WELL worth it!
I also make some pretty cool aprons out of vintage pillowcases. Everyone that has gotten one has loved it!

How did you get started?
I've always had a bit of craftiness in me. I come from it! It's what we do! I really got started though when a friend of mine asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and whamo it hit me! I love making things. Me. With my hands. Making things!

What do you love about your business?
It's all me!

What is your favorite product right now?
My Battle Scarred Bears! They're so pitifully cute! I have TONS of them and I love the next one even more than the one before! They just keep gettin' cuter and cuter. I mean really, who wouldn't just fall in love with a little bear that's missing an arm, a leg, an eye or maybe even all three!
I think I really got the idea for them from seeing all these men and women going off to war and not returning as whole as they were when they left, whether it be mentally of physically and they're still loved just as much.

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What makes your shop different?
I'm doing this out of pure enjoyment. I just want people to see something I made and fall in love with it. I'm not just mass producing. A lot of thought goes into everything I do. I think also it's really cool that my kids help out with some ideas!

What do you love about handcrafts?
The blood sweat and tears that comes out of it! I've had all of it! Blood from poking my fingers over and over and over. I jabbed the heck outta my hand once with a seam ripper, then the tears came and it can get dang hot in my "sweat shop" as I call it. Especially working with wool felt and having an iron on....HOT!!! Plus there's not a lot better feeling then when someone truly appreciates something that you can up with all by your little lonesome (or maybe with a little help from the kids!).

What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create?
I have a myspace page where I try to keep pictures of everything I'm doing. You can check it out at here

What are some of your favorite online shops?
Stitchblade of course! She makes some really cute dresses and bibs and she has some mad sewing skills! I've never seen such straight lines on something hand sewn!
This is LoriK...she does some pretty sweet quilting! Check out her corndog potholder!!
This is "that jewelry girl"...I'm not much of a jewelry fan, but her stuff is very feminine with a vintage flare! I love her stuff! I will have one of her necklaces!
This is Pigsy Art....One word...Insultlets!!!!
This is One Ugly Baby....one of her "shower arts" had the word assface....that's like my favorite word!

There's TONS more but I'll leave it at that!

Buy something from my shop and mention that you heard about me from Stitchblade and you'll get free shippin' yo!

'Cuz I Felt Like It!
*********Awesome! Also wanted to add that Jessica was featured on one of the winning Etsy posters! Check it out:

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Spider death match?

Posted by Stitchblade | 8:47 AM Aug 26, 2007

See this picture above??? That is what is LEFT of the spider that lived on my porch. Just its legs nothing else! I know its the same one because it was missing a leg. Now its missing a body as well.....

In the center of the web sits a new spider though. Did they fight and this new spider ate the body and left the remains as a warning? Here is the new tenant....


Missy's Tempting Tarts

Posted by Stitchblade | 7:01 PM Aug 23, 2007

I want to start featuring some of my favorite shops, spread the love ya know? I'm going to try and make this a regular thing, as life allows of course. To get this started I am featuring Missy of Missy's Tempting Tarts.

If you love yummy smelling stuff this is THE place to go! Her prices are great and she is even offering a special for my readers! Visit Missy's and upon checkout enter stitchblade as the coupon code and save 10% off her already low prices. These make such great gifts and I have created a few tart addicts by giving them some tarts from Missy.

Here is my interview with Missy:

Tell me about you and your family......
I am Missy 38 married with kids. I am a teacher.

What is your store name and link?
Missy's Tempting Tarts. http://www.missystemptingtarts.com/

What do you specialize in?
Tarts, bath & body items.

How did you get started?
I got hooked on tarts and I figured it would be cheaper for me to make them myself. That was almost 4 years ago.

What do you love about your business?
Customers that have became friends of mine.

What is your favorite product right now?
My tarts have to be my favorite.

What makes your shop different?
I don't know different but I make everything to order and I ship usually within 24 hours. I am known for fast shipping and strong tarts!

What do you love about handcrafts?
Being able to make people smile knowing I did that!

What are some of your favorite online shops?
Thanks Missy! Also thanks for the great discount!


Awesome mail!

Posted by Stitchblade | 10:13 PM Aug 20, 2007

Today was a GREAT mail day! I received my awesome new bag from The Peach! Let me tell ya, it ROCKS. Check it out........
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I also got this nice vintage pattern from her.......
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There is still more...check out these awesome pieces from Kuen Designs. I ordered custom ones so mine have different sayings. These are going to make great gifts........

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Then I also got another prize from the Very Bloggy Give Away hosted by Rocks In My Dryer. A great Usborne book for my girls from Learning2Love. They love it! Thank you Marianne!

What did I accomplish? Um...not a whole lot. Well I did do like 100 loads of laundry and dishes, cleaned the bathroom and also finished this little Apron Dress...... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Todays Treasury plug!

Posted by Stitchblade | 11:26 AM Aug 17, 2007

Thank you to LittleGiggles for including me in this great treasury. She picked some awesome things for this treasury! Please take a look at her great shop. Thanks again!


Texas is HOT...and has crazy bugs!

Posted by Stitchblade | 3:54 PM Aug 15, 2007

I don't think I will ever get used to this Texas weather. Its insanely hot!!! I was just outside taking pictures of my newest tote/purse. Its that same fabric I have been sewing with for the last few days. I'll be sad when its gone. Here is the bag....

Then I figured I would take a picture of the critter that has been living next to my porch swing for the last week. Spiders are BIG in Texas...apparently this is a little one for the kind he is, he is also missing a leg. He just stays in this one spot and never moves. He is kind of pretty....as far as spiders go.....

He is no where near as big and scary as the spider (click) that was in my kitchen a few weeks back! This is not the actual spider that was in my kitchen, but its the same kind. I just want you to see how big and scary they are. They are often mistaken by people as tarantulas, but they are fishing spiders. I almost stepped on it, now every night I am so afraid to walk in the dark! It was bigger than my hand!


A third???

Posted by Stitchblade | 11:36 PM Aug 13, 2007

Wow I checked the treasury again and I am in a third today! That makes my day!!! This one is by JPATPURSES. Thanks JPATPURSES! Be sure to check out her etsy, she has some amazing purses and more! What a great day for my etsy!



Posted by Stitchblade | 3:20 PM

Awesome, 2 in one day that I noticed! There we are up in the corner! Thanks to cuzifeltlikeit! Be sure to check out her shop for awesome wool felt creations and aprons!


Treasury plugging...lol

Posted by Stitchblade | 11:37 AM

Check out this awesome Treasury by Rockerchic! It features my newest Apron Dress. Thanks Rockerchic! Be sure to check out her cute dresses in her etsy shop!


Another day...another dress :)

Posted by Stitchblade | 5:11 PM Aug 12, 2007

I used some more of the vintage fabric that I made the last dress from to make this lovely little apron dress. Next will be a tote I think....what else what else???????? I may post later...time for a cookout! OH...I think I am running a little contest next week so check back :)


SOOOO pretty!

Posted by Stitchblade | 7:42 PM Aug 10, 2007

I just finished this dress and I am SO in love with it. It is created from reclaimed vintage fabric and its just beautiful! Take a look, I hope you love it as much as I do. I will be posting this in my Etsy store later this evening after the kiddos are in bed.


YEA! Mail goodies!

Posted by Stitchblade | 8:05 AM

This is the first moment I have had free to post. I have gotten 2 Dog Days Of Summer packages!! One was a box from Dora of PeppyLady, I did not get to snap a picture because my children ran off in all directions with the contents of the box!!!! I had wanted to take a picture first and it just didn't get to happen! There is a photo of the goodies on her blog though. She sent an awesome Recipe book, in which we have already found some recipes to try, some magazines, some fun pads, a very pretty dish towel (can never have enough of those here!), a book for me to read, and a bunch of unique candy bars. My 3 yr old has claimed most of the candy bars, she loves them! Thank you sooo much for the goodies, it was a big hit here! OH and we have dogs in common, that is why I had asked about yours. I will post pictures of mine for you to see. I had never even heard of Blue Heelers before moving to Texas. They seem to be the dog of choice for the whole state. After having them I can see why, they are amazingly smart animals! The one sitting nice and pretty is a 2yr old male. The one that is blurry is a puppy that was a Christmas present for my oldest daughter. She looks to be mixed with Lab.

So again thank you Dora! We loved our goodies!

Next was from Anne of HidingUnderthewillow. Anne sent us her talented Husbands debut CD. Its called Sketches. Anne he is SO good! I love piano music and this was very awesome! Nothing calms my kids down as good as music! I believe Anne has a post on her blog that tells you where you can listen to a sample of her husbands cd, so be sure to hop over to her blog and check it out! Thank you again for sharing his music with us!

I love good mail days! My winner should be getting her stuff anytime now, my ill family delayed my mailing for about a week!!!


A Texas Treasury!

Posted by Stitchblade | 11:38 AM Aug 8, 2007

Was just browing the treasuries and found myself in one today! Go check out the awesome stuff from the Lone Star State!!


Continued Sale and OMG Christmas is coming....

Posted by Stitchblade | 7:46 AM Aug 7, 2007

I decided to continue my sale through Saturday. I have added some new items and have more planned for this week. The newest addition is the paperback book cover. I think these would make great teacher appreciation gifts! Not to mention friends and family. Really there are only like 4 more months til Christmas. CRAZY. This year I am going to try my hardest to have all of my shopping done in Oct. I hate hate hate being there during last minute shopping. I do not do well in large crazy mobs of shoppers. I get a little, (A LOT) stressed out by the whole thing. Do any of you have goals set for Christmas shopping? One goal I have is to make most of my gifts this year. I think I can do that for all friends and family.


ETC Stores with Sales

Posted by Stitchblade | 7:21 AM Aug 6, 2007

Here is a list of all the sales for ETC First Monday. I hope you will check them out, there are some great sales going on!

http://etsytexascrafters.etsy.com = 10% off any Collection (for a total of at least 30% savings off the value of each collection), and 15% off all other items in shop
http://8bats.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One Free on any prints (free item must be of equal or lesser value, coupons cannot be used with this BOGO offer)
http://artspot.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One 50% off (discount taken on lower priced item, wholesale items not included)
http://beckymae.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One 50% off (discount taken on lower priced item) http://katinkapinka.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One 30% off (discount taken on lower priced item)
http://lustrongirl.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One 50% off (discount taken on lower priced item) http://marysmadness.etsy.com = Buy 3 charms, Get One Free (free item must be of equal or lesser value)
http://miaropa.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One 50% off (discount taken on item of equal or lesser value)
http://pinuppixie.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One Free (free item must be of equal or lesser value), and Free Shipping (as always)
http://sassysoapsnsuch.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One Free on all soaps (free item must be of equal or lesser value)
http://scribbles.etsy.com = Buy One regular sized beaded pen, Get One beaded mini pen of your choice Free
http://tiddlyinks.etsy.com = Buy One, Get One Free on Tiddly Art & Cards only -- buy a Tiddly Ink or Card ($5 or less) and receive another free
http://barbsgarden.etsy.com = 50% off all items in shop
http://baublesandbliss.etsy.com = 40% off all items in shop
http://beadonawire.etsy.com = 15% off all items in shop
http://dryan327.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop
http://ducttapeanddenim.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop
http://lavenderlizard.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop
http://spt2.etsy.com = 20% off all listings in shop for single dog collars http://stitchblade.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop
http://thealteredblacksheep.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop
http://thistlecraft.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop
http://wendygilbert.etsy.com = 15% off all items in shop
http://angiehallhaviland.etsy.com = 40% off all items in shop, and Free Shipping on all ART listings (as always)
http://bailliesbagsbaubles.etsy.com = 15% off all items in shop -- purchase an item from the Children's section or the Miliary section & recieve an additional 5% off! Also, Free Shipping for Featured Items -- be sure to check shop throughout the day for changes to the Featured Items http://bailliesboutique.etsy.com = 15% off all items in shop, including special orders., and Free Shipping for Featured Items -- be sure to check shop throughout the day for changes to the Featured Items
http://dlsdesigns.etsy.com = All Supplies are... Buy 1 item, get 25% off - Buy 2 items, get 40% off - Buy 3 or more items, get 50% off (discount taken off total purchase, shipping not included). Also, all items in "BOGO SALE" section in shop are Buy One, Get One Free (free item must of equal or lesser value, shipping not included)
http://puddin450.etsy.com = 25% off all bracelets, and Free Shipping on everything (as always) http://refabulous.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop, and purchases over $25 (after discount) will also receive a Free Notecard
http://rhradcliffedesigns.etsy.com = 20% off all items in shop & Free Shipping if more than one item purchased
http://designsbycher.etsy.com = $5 off purchases totaling $20 or more, and Free 1st Class Shipping on purchases of $30 or more
http://humblebeads.etsy.com = Texas-size Freebie with any purchase http://saintbeads.etsy.com = Free pair of earrings with purchase of any bracelet or necklace http://artbyjc.etsy.com = Special Mark-Down Section in shop for Monday Only, plus Free Gift with any purchase over $10 (one gift per customer)
http://bijoujuju.etsy.com = Free Shipping
http://ebraunnagel.etsy.com = Free Shipping
http://quotentials.etsy.com = Free Shipping
http://sillygeesedesigns.etsy.com = Free Shipping on any purchase over $15


ETC First Mondays sale!

Posted by Stitchblade | 11:03 PM Aug 5, 2007

Its time for the ETC first Mondays Sale again! Our team shop is a good place to start. You can find all of the other ETC members shops by clicking on favorites. I am participating by taking 20% off anything purchased during the First Mondays sale. I wanted to have a lot more added before this sale, but with everyone getting sick (food posioning) that has not happened. I will try to add some during the sale though. This sale starts at 12:01 am.


Good Things: Freecycle

Posted by Stitchblade | 9:13 PM Aug 3, 2007

I love freecycle, but it really makes me mad when someone emails me and says they want something and they can come pick up right away. You make arrangements to be there for them to pick up the stuff you are GIVING them for FREE and then they do not show? What the heck? I just don't get it. It happens ALL the time. I keep back ups for things now so when I have a no show I go down the list, but it still wastes my time waiting, then having to make other arrangements and then waiting to see if the next person shows. Thankfully today a lady showed up right when she said she would. I freecycled 15 walmart bags stuffed with baby and kids clothes today. I still have a few in my living room but those are being picked up tomorrow. Some of the bags are going to a woman having triplets. WOW, can you imagine? I'm proud of myself for just giving them to others. I had thought about selling them, but I have gotten to where I hate dealing with it. EBay charges so much in fees now that kids clothing isn't worth selling on there like it used to be. Postage has went up so much and that is another reason it is difficult to resell online. Selling it doesn't give you the same feeling that giving it does. It was hard to let go of some of those baby clothes. The teeny tiny Side snap T, the itty bitty shoes, socks, pjs.....awwwwww, but letting it go means that it helps someone else instead of sitting here taking up space. If you have not tried freecycle check it out for your area.


Back To School Giveaway With Gymboree

Posted by Stitchblade | 3:17 PM Aug 1, 2007

Gymboree is offering two of Love Shak, Baby's blog readers each a $250 Gift Card to be used at the Gymboree store or Gymboree online. The contest will run from July 27th through August 17th they are going to randomly choose two winners from the comment section of the post on their blog.


Would you like cream? Sugar? Olive oil?

Posted by Stitchblade | 10:05 AM

Monday night was a horrid night. Ms Emma woke up whimpering, I picked her up and she projectile vomited on me. She continued this all night long. Poor girl. SO needless to say I was up the entire night. Tuesday morning I make my pot of coffee, I am so dead tired at this point. I pour that first cup, add my caramel flavoring (not the sauce but the syrupy flavoring), and my creamer, stir it and get ready to take that first sip. But what is that??? The creamer is separating, there are tiny oil spills on my coffee. My tired self had poured OLIVE OIL in my coffee instead of the caramel flavoring. UGH. I am so glad I actually noticed it and did not take a sip. Fast forward to Tuesday night. Yea, I suddenly start vomiting, a few hours later my oldest daughter starts vomiting. This goes on all night and is still going on this morning. My middle daughter is not sick at all. That makes me wonder if it is something we ate and not a bug? UGH....I'm going to go lay back down now.