Stocking day at The Granola Chicks Ring!

Posted by Stitchblade | 12:42 PM Apr 3, 2008

Go check out the new goodies at The Granola Chicks Ring!!!!! You will find this Gorgeous Apron made from vintage fabrics! Read what Cottonmama had to say about it:

Dearest Apron,Ah, yes. When I look at you, I can smell spring. You encapsulate me with a feeling of happiness... Every time I reach out for you, my heart aches because you are simply an image on the computer screen. I long to feel you in real life. Oh how I long to reach my hands, so deeply in your comforting pockets. I would grab you up and tie you on were you here with me.Ah, yes, apron of flowers and spring. I think, nay, I know I am destined to be in love with you forever.