Kitchen Fun!

Posted by Stitchblade | 6:58 PM Jun 29, 2008

So while the younger girls were napping Morgan and I decided to tackle making our own laundry soap. This has been being discussed at The Granola Chicks Board recently and heck I wanted in on that fun. Also a great money saver and a great project to do with Morgan. We used ZOTE, Arm & Hammer washing soda, Mule Team Borax, and Orange EO. Actually we threw in a bar of Ivory and a bit of Dr B's Castille....I like soap. The directions we used can be found here.

It will not be ready until tomorrow evening. It is supposed to sit for 24 hours and should gel up some. Its pink...I like pink.

Then the wee ones woke up and hmmmmm lets make chocolate chip cookies!

Patience patience!!!

10 min is entirely too long for Emma apparantly!

They all stuffed themselves full of cookies and were a chocolate mess (missed that pic op) and Morgan volunteered to give them baths! How awesome! So I had a bit of time to post our day in pics.