Coffee and Laundry...oh oh and

Posted by Stitchblade | 8:58 AM Jul 18, 2007

This is how my mornings begin. First I head to the coffee pot and get that started. Then I head to the office and fire up this beast of a computer. Next I head to the Laundry room to start on the never ending pile. Head back to the kitchen, grab that first cup of coffee and sit down to chacha! Have you ever checked it out? No?? Go try it now. Its pretty cool, especially for people that are just not good at finding what they need on the net. You go there, type in your search, then on the search page click search with guide, or maybe it says chat with guide? I can't remember. But anyhow when you click this a live guide appears to do all of your searching for you! I can not tell you how helpful this was when I burnt myself with Jalapenos (don't ask...that's another post for another day) and needed help immediately! Or when my oldest is doing research and she gets someone to find her the exact pages she needs for her grade level! They (we) check every site before sending. Click to try it out! ................
ChaCha Logo on White Background
Ok did you try it? Keep in mind Chacha is still in the Beta Stage. Chacha will only get better. There are more new and exciting features on the way!

My posting on this blog will be all over the place on subject, ideas, consistency....Sometimes I may do more than one in the same day...sometimes maybe only 1 the whole week. I am a scatterbrain and this is what happens when a scatterbrain has a blog! Until later.....(probably today because I need to tell everyone about the awesome hang tags I am getting )