Baby Einstein Holiday Blog Tour

Posted by Stitchblade | 12:51 PM Dec 11, 2008

You know, I had never watched a Baby Einstein DVD. My girls had never watched one either. We have had Baby Einstein books, which are among some of the favorites here at our home. So of course I wanted to see what else they offered.

I was super excited to be chosen to participate in the Baby Einstein Blog tour hosted by Mom Central. It was the perfect opportunity to see first hand what was so special about Baby Einstein.

In our package we recieved the following:

  • 10th Anniversary Baby Mozart DVD
  • Baby Einstein Board Book
  • Lullaby Classics CD

We are currently listening the the Lullaby Classics CD right now and you's REALLY peaceful and relaxing. Maybe I should place this in my room at night to help relax this tired mama. The girls, however are dancing! It's looking like a 4yr old and 2 yr olds version of ballet. I would have to say they are loving it and so am I. I mean I am typing while my kids listen to music that I can actually stand! That means I am able to concentrate! WOW! I must get more of this thing called Baby Einstein!

The board book was the first thing the girls ran off when the package arrived. Ms. Emma is 2 and has claimed the book as hers. Ms. Lauren (age 4) also loves the touch and feel book. She enjoys showing me how the fur turns different colors depending on which way you rub it.

The DVD was another hit and one I actually enjoyed. A nice change from the overly obnoxious children's shows on TV. Sorry...this mama can't stand a doodlebop, there for no doodle boppin a bops in my house. The DVD was not too long! That is great, because I like TV in small intervals for the kid's so they are not just veggin' out on the tube for hours. This is a great length for some evening relaxation to wind down before bed time.

I was also sent some DVD viewing tips and I would like to share a few of those here with you.

DVD Viewing Tips

At Baby Einstein, each DVD is designed to reinforce parent-child interaction by providing visually interesting, entertaining content that you and your baby can watch together. Whether the theme is art, music, or barnyard animals, each DVD offers an opportunity to cuddle, share, talk, or sing along with your baby. The DVD can also be a jumping off point for more parent child interaction during your everyday routine.

Talk! Talk! Talk!

From the moment we say that first hello to our new baby, we begin developing our little one’s language. So, when you’re watching a Baby Einstein DVD, you don’t have to be quiet. This is a chance to create little stories.

From the Video Theme to the Real World Scene

Whenever there is an opportunity to link what you have seen on the DVD to other experiences in baby’s life, make that connection. For example, if you watched a DVD about animals, you might say, “Oh, look. There’s a BIG fish on the screen. Do we have another fish in our house?” And off you go to look at your gold fish. This kind of activity shows baby that something we see in one place can be seen in other places too.

So hop on over and check out Baby Einstein and Mom Central!



  1. Family of 5 // December 12, 2008 at 1:38 PM  

    We like the Baby Einstein vids here too! I don't even know what a doodlebop is, but from the sound of it I'm glad! Super cute video of the girls!