Posted by Stitchblade | 8:14 PM Dec 22, 2008

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE books! Thankfully my kids love books as well. Morgan is in the 5th grade and is reading at about a 10th grade level now. She used to hate to read, I'm so glad that changed. She devours books daily! I keep a lot of books in our home and we visit the library quite often.

One of my favorite authors is James Patterson. He is the man behind Read Kiddo Read. Read Kiddo Read was designed to help you find great books that will make your child want to read! They have reviews on books that are separated for the appropriate ages and types of books.

  • Great Illustrated Books
  • Great Transitional Books
  • Great Pageturners
  • Great Advanced Reads
I have all girls, so I can not attest to this on a personal level.... but I hear that boys are harder to get into reading for pleasure than girls are. I noticed on the site they is a list called Almost Can't-Miss Sure Shot Books... For Boys.

If you give your kids great books that they enjoy reading you will get a kid who loves to read. The Read Kiddo Read site can help us all pick out some great books to help our children along.

James Patterson has also been writing books for all ages, beginning with the critically acclaimed Maximum Ride series. The series debuted on the New York Times bestsellers list at #1 and remained there for 12 straight weeks!

I want to thank Mother Talk for letting me in on this great site so that I could share it with you!

Oh and this post is not complete without me telling you what my favorite James Patterson book is. It is called Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas, and I highly recommend you check it out. Be forewarned...this one requires tissues.