Sharing My Points

Posted by Stitchblade | 8:43 AM Jan 21, 2009

I have been doing MyPoints for a few years now. I have earned more gift cards than I can count. I think a lot of people don't join MyPoints because they think it is one of those things that keep making you click click click click. It is SO not like that. MyPoints sends you emails. Now in these emails it says click here to earn 5 points, 10 points or whatever. Click there...earn points. It adds up SUPER fast.

Now another way to earn points is online shopping. If you need to order something online then go to MyPoints first and see if your shop participates. You can get discounts as well as earn points from places like 123 inkjets, Target, The Gap,, Snapfish....just TONS of places. When you get a lot of points you can cash them in for gift cards. I usually get them to Starbucks. Lately though, I am stockpiling my points

So, MyPoints is by invite only and I have 4 invites left for this month. If you would like one please leave me a comment so I have a way to contact you to get your Name and Email address. HURRY!