So awesome!

Posted by Stitchblade | 8:18 PM Oct 16, 2008

I can not even explain how excited I am. Things have been a little rough around here lately. The economy sucks. No, really.... it sucks. Money has been tight and I have been looking for more ways to bring in a few bucks. Things are falling into place in more ways than one. I have an awesome friend that is helping me get started on some really exciting things. Just in time too! I mean Christmas is around the corner! I feel like more people are starting to notice my efforts, it's as if there is digital signage some place with "Stitchblade" flashing across it. It's fantastic and I want to dive right into it all! I just need to get myself organized and in order to take on all these tasks and get them accomplished and really get it all going. So to those that are helping me along on this great ride......THANK YOU! So people...stay tuned for some really big changes happening around here!