Artists of Film and Music...check it out!

Posted by Stitchblade | 3:13 PM Sep 30, 2008

I just came across a new site called Unicorn Media. This appears to be a great new tool for music promotion as well as independent film promotion! I am always browsing for sites like this to help support my husbands band. This site is totally FREE for artists and the fans! Currently you can use the Artist Beta to browse and look at the developing features for this great new tool.

I went and checked out the blog for the site as well. They have a lot of tips and information for film and music artists and I will be bookmarking this! I especially liked reading the post about getting your band signed to a label. The blog posts are written in a way that makes it enjoyable to read instead of the typical droning you come across on other blogs of this nature. I was quite pleased. On the blog I also came across some posts of reviews. I will be spending more time there reading the reviews and checking out the music since I am always on the look out for new tunes.

One thing that impressed me is that Unicorn Media celebrated Earth Day and dedicated a post to recognizing musicians that helped make a difference.

Unicorn Media is for the Artist! They want to help get you noticed! So check it out, hook it up, then use your myspace and direct people to Unicorn Media to hear and view your hard work!
Unicorn Media believes that artists should have a place to showcase their music in the high quality they intended it, build a fan base, interact directly with their fans and make money.




  1. Unicorn Crew // September 30, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

    Thanks for the great review of our blog! Best of luck to your husband and his band--people like you are why we exist.

    On October 13th, the new Unicorn Media site will launch so be sure to check it out. We are very excited about it.

    Thanks again,

    The Unicorn Crew