My Husband

Posted by Stitchblade | 3:56 PM Sep 25, 2008

Just wanted to post to let any locals that read my blog know that my husband is in construction. You know....framing, carpentry, decks, carports, remodeling, new construction, custom homes, doors, windows, trim and anything else that goes along with it. If you need something done get in contact with me and I will send you his contact info. He has many years of experience and is a so much so that he drives me nuts when I am sewing with double checking my measurements and telling me something is 1/16 of an inch off center. So come on and get that deck you always wanted! It's nice outside and you deserve a nice deck to sit on and cookout!



  1. 'Cuz I Felt Like It! // September 26, 2008 at 12:20 PM  

    If he'll work nekkid, there's always something he can do at my house.